Faithful Dog K9 Training Services
At Faithful Dog K9 Training, helping your dog succeed is at the heart of everything we do.

We offer a suite of training options to match your dog’s unique needs so they can lead a long, happy, and fulfilled life with their forever family.

Foundation Session – Private

A solid foundation is the basis for a healthy, working relationship with your dog. In this training, we will establish the proper structure in your pack, learn how to set the rules, boundaries, and limitations in your pack. This training will guide you into becoming the unquestioned pack leader.

Type: Private
Training Level: Introductory
Location: Our Kennel

Advanced Obedience – Private

For those who have mastered basic obedience and would like to continue to challenge their dog.

Type: Private
Training Level: Advanced
Location: Our Kennel

Puppy Boot Camp Board and Train

Training for puppies 2-6 months. Teaches your puppy all basic obedience commands, appropriate dog behaviors, and covers any behavioral issues such as potty training, crate training, and chewing.

Type: Group
Training Level: Puppy
Location: Our Boarding Facility

Boarding and Training – Intervention

This is a service for severe behavioral modification. We offer a complete rehabilitation program to address aggression, anxiety, or fear. This is also a program for advanced obedience or off leash work.

Dogs are housed on site at Faithful Dog K9 Training kennel facility.

Length based on the severity of the behavior of the dog. Free consultation provided to estimate duration.

Duration: Varies
No. of Session: Dependent on need.
Type: Individual
Training Level: Rehabilitation
Location: Our Boarding and Kennel Facility

Basic Obedience – Private

Obedience helps your dog see you as the leader. It will also give them the mental stimulation dogs require. A good recall could even save your dog’s life. Commands learned: sit, stay, down, and come. This session also comes with leash training.

Type: Private
Training Level: Introductory

Behavior Modification – Private

This is a training session to help dogs that are exhibiting problem behaviors. This may extend to behaviors such as: dog or people aggression, digging, fear, unruly house behavior, separation anxiety and more.

Type: Private
Training Level: Any
Location: Our boarding facility.

Behavior Modification – Private

For puppies starting at 16 weeks – or up to date on shots.

Start you puppy off on the right foot. This is an all inclusive session covering all the basics of puppyhood.

You will learn how to set rules, boundaries, and limitations for the newest member of your pack. You will also gain an understanding of effective crate training, potty training, and basic obedience.

Duration: 2 hours
No. of Session: One
Type: Private
Training Level: Any
Location: Our boarding facility.

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